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Is the book worthy of a re-read? Is it not?

That is the question I, as a book blogger and reading aficionado, am out to discover whilst reading through my extremely large tbr. See which ones I have deemed worthy of a re-read here.

Who am I as a book blogger?

I’m Katherine, a FMC in my own novel of life who has a passion for reading and the desire to type up my opinions and share with anyone who finds my reviews.. if no one finds them, then at least I had fun being a book blogger, reading books and exploring my thoughts about them.

Reading is my passion, and when I am not working my corporate job you can usually find me curled up on the couch, nose in my kindle, mind in a fantasy world, and a cat on my lap begging-for-but-not-getting attention.

There is nothing like the escape from everyday life, dropping into an exciting fantasy world with hot, morally grey, men who may-or-may-not be fae or vampires and feeling your heart pound as the enemies slowly turn to lovers and all hell breaks loose. 5 stars!


Generally I enjoy reading for the escape from everyday life, so I mainly stick to dark romance, dark fantasy romance, fantasy, romance, romantasy, erotica, YA fiction, and NA fiction.

Top 5 favorites:

DNF (did not finish)

I generally am opposed to dnf-ing because I don’t like to quit, and would prefer to power through. HOWEVER, in 2023 I started reading like crazy again and decided that if I was going to read for pleasure, there is no sense in forcing myself to read something I am not enjoying. If I would rather scroll on my phone or watch tv than pick up my book, it is a dnf for me.

Preferred medium for reading, reviewing, and tbr-ing

My preferred medium for reading is on my kindle paperwhite. I wanted one for a long time and in early 2023 pulled the trigger. It compounded into an average of 13 books per month read, and I have not looked back since. The kindle is awesome! tons of storage, small and portable, super long battery life, easy on the eyes…. I could go on but this is not an ad and I am not sponsored so I will stop.

My preferred medium for reviewing is obviously this site! As a book blogger, a book blog is a must have! Second favorite is Hardcover, which is where I also manage my tbr. It is an awesome GoodReads alternative run by a couple of guys who are creating a really cool community. You should check it out and look me up when you do – we can be book buddies. I also post reviews on Amazon, BookSirens, NetGalley, Instagram, Bookbub, and Reedsy.

ARC Reading

My dream is to quit my corporate job and be an arc reader + book blogger until I have enough money saved to retire… where I will probably continue arc reading and book blogging. I recently started reading arc’s and it is pretty cool. I have some series and big name books I would LOVE to get an arc for, but I truly enjoy reading indie authors and exploring harder to find books. If you want to send me an arc, great! I will humbly accept. I frequent NetGalley, Instagram, and also BookSirens for arcs, but would love to connect with authors and publishers directly!

If you’d like to connect with me about your book, refer to my review policy and then contact me via email at worthyofareread@gmail.com.

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