Community 215

Community 215 by M.K. Black
4 Stars ARC read-worthy

Community 215

Defiance is not an option. It is simply something not taught within the walls of Community 215, and punished severely when it happens. Rhea has only ever known this way of life. The council selects what your occupation is, who you wed, how many children you have, how much you need to eat, and where you live. There is no choice, only blind obedience. It’s better than living amongst the outcasts. Those who live in the forest not in any community, operating as savages who hunt and kill and choose everything for themselves. They are a force to be feared.

But are they?

Rhea saves a boy when she is 10 from being outcast and is branded as disobedient via an iron brand on her neck. 8 years later she and the boy (Brooks) are ready to spend their week outside the walls to prove they can be useful contributing community residents. Things don’t go to plan; does Brooks really want to go back? Will Rhea get what she wants? Will Rhea open her eyes to the truth about her life and what she has been taught?

The premise of Community 215 is really interesting, a mix of dystopia, brainwashing, and dictatorship used to keep the population under the thumb of the rich. I enjoyed the book but thought it was a little sparse in the text for me. There just wasn’t enough depth in the characters or the world building to leave a lasting impression.

Gael was a potential side story narrative, however he seemed to disappear about halfway through the book which was disappointing. Maybe he will come back around in the next book if this is a series. I hope it is, because otherwise the ending was just cut off with no resolution.

Community 215 by M.K. Black was an enjoyable read, and could be improved by more character depth, motive, and world building. Overall, I liked it and would read the next one if there was a sequel.

Not worthy of a re-read.

*This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*

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