Tag: dark romance

5 Stars ARC kms favorites worthy of a re-read

Vengeful Gods

In this story, there are three beasts and I am their blood debt owed.
The Anguis, a secret society of power-hungry individuals, have long controlled Port Macabre from their seat at Noire House. A place where the wealthy rub shoulders and chase hedonistic pleasures. However, behind the mansion’s facade lies […]

5 Stars ARC read-worthy

A Kingdom of Blood and Magic

Kingdom where you’re only as good as the blood you vow and the magic you wield. A Royal Assassin haunted by her past is sent to kill the only one who can save her. An Exile haunted by a vision of the future he can’t escape seeks to reclaim his home and save his people. All find a love that they might have to die for. […]

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