The Mistress & The Renowned

3 Stars ARC

The Mistress & The Renowned


God of the Dead. King of the Underworld. The Unseen. The Renowned…Trapped.
One moment, Hades was next to Persephone, having finally claimed her as his queen. The next, he knows only true void, and roots burrowing into his body, feeding from his power and essence. Every ounce of his abilities is used to keep the roots from taking everything, leaving him a broken shell. The King of the Dead. No better than the living dead, wishing for things that would never come.

Goddess of Spring. The Maiden. The Mistress. The Venerable One…The New Queen.
Being transported to another world and told you’re now the Queen of the Dead was not what Persephone was expecting. Screw expecting, she did not want to be queen. Nope. Now if she could just find the god who’d done this to her without her consent. But he’s not due to the underworld for another month. So she has to wait. And wait. And wait.

Destiny. Fate. Fortune. Kismet…Waits for no one.
Nightmares cloud them both, calling to them to finish the destiny that awaits them. One that has only just begun. One that will not be denied.

My Thoughts

So I did not love this one. I LOVED book 1, but book 2 focused on Hades being trapped in a tree, and Persephone being thrown into queen-hood and having to figure it all out for herself. Then it focuses on them essentially not understanding each other and not listening.

It just wasn’t a good plot in my opinion, nor was it believable.

I will say that I love Hades so much. We got to learn more of his backstory via his nightmares, and I really felt for him. We also continue to see how much he loves Persephone and how vulnerable he is. The poor guy tried to be good to her in book 1 but finally gave in to sealing their curse, and what does Persephone do? Be pissed at him once she gets him back… smh.

I love Persephone from book 1, and bits and pieces of her from book 2, but overall she missed the mark for me. Her connections with Berry and Mellie, and her exploration of her new home were so good! But honestly it triggered me how she was with Hades. I get that she needed him to let her make choices for herself, and honestly I totally get it that she was abused as a child and so her perception is skewed. But, he is her mate and partner, and they should really talk it out. You can’t be with someone and refuse to deal with your problems to the point where you aren’t sharing rooms.

Overall, If you like the miscommunication trope, and want to see 2 people push and pull and have makeup sex and then continue to fight and not listen to each other, maybe you will love this one. It was not for me.

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**This book was an ARC read and gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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