The Veil of Violence

The Veil of Violence by Marilyn Marks
5 Stars ARC kms favorites worthy of a re-read

The Veil of Violence


You must always trust in Jaevidan. This is the only way to remain in the light.

After the Morrigan revealed themselves and her true nature became known, Adeline Colton is on the run. Seeking revenge for their fallen sister, they will hunt her to the end of the world. But there is another who pursues Adeline—the man with golden eyes and dangerous power. The one who betrayed her with the parallel bond and has the means to be her ruin.
Jack Warren.
But the past holds secrets of its own, revealed to her through Jack’s memories. As old foes and new threats rise, Adeline must decide who is right and who is wrong, who she can trust, and most of all, whether to heed the stars’ counsel and follow the Prince of Prohibition.

My Thoughts

The Veil of Violence by Marilyn Marks is book 2 in the Fae of the Roaring Age series. The first thing I have to say is just WOW. This book was so so so good. It continued closely to where we left off in the first book, and picked right back up and continued the story. We left The Prince of Prohibition with Adeline being immortal, being something but not knowing what she is, just that she isn’t a druid or fae. We know the Morrigan is after her. She feels betrayed by Jack based on what the Morrigan said to her in the field.

We start The Veil of Violence with the crystal Estheria gave Adeline containing Jack’s memories. Getting the dual POV of Adeline and Jack in current time, and then Jaevidan and Annwyl in the past was so powerful. I loved loved loved this. It gives us insight into him as a character and how he was made into the man he is today. It was heart warming, horrifying, devastating, beautiful, charming, rage-inducing and so many other emotions, and it was all written perfectly. As we got through the memories, it was a great addition to the story to break up what was happening real time and also to ponder his past with how it affects the decisions he is making now.

Truly the Veil of Violence is a masterpiece. I enjoyed this book so much.

The continuation of the plot and the higher stakes we now have are incredibly interesting and suck you right into the story. I read the entire book in 2 days because I was so invested in what was happening that I could not put it down. Racing around trying to figure out what Adeline is, repairing her and Jack’s relationship, dealing with the Morrigan and the Knights. Then, dealing with all the other stuff once we learn about it….SO GOOD.

We went from enemies to friends to lovers now back to enemies sort-of? You’ll have to read to find out where we leave them at the end. The relationships Adeline cultivated and continue to cultivate with her found family are just so special. I love seeing them all interact in their own special ways, whether they be arguing, fooling around, scheming and plotting, or just sitting together feeling defeated. They continue to be there for each other time and time again, and that was such a wonderful image to see portrayed in the book.

I continue to love Violet and Lillian and Will and the rest of them, and continue to dislike Tommy even though I know he means well. He is an ass and I hate how he treats Adeline like she isn’t capable of handling herself now. Violet was weird this book – still amazing but weird and when we find out why, it is INSANE!! total twist I did not anticipate at all.

The tension of Jack and Adeline is incredible in this book. I was so upset at how their relationship took a turn, but I was living for how it panned out throughout the book. I was living for how everything panned out in this book honestly.

Overall, The Veil of Violence by Marilyn Marks as book 2 in the Fae of the Roaring Age is a Must-Read in 2024. It will make you feel as though you are right there in the 1920’s with them, dealing with normal human issues and fae issues all wrapped up together. Run don’t walk to buy and read this book!

Worthy of a re-read.

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**This book was an ARC read and gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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