A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story by L.C. Moon
5 Stars ARC kms favorites worthy of a re-read

A Bedtime Story

Laura Spencer was a child of the moon, resilient and delicate, daydreaming to escape her harsh reality in life. Kayne Malkin was a child of the underworld, molded into becoming a predator and ruthless member of the Russian Mafia. Their paths fatefully intersect in a dangerous dance seeped in underworld intrigue. In this unrelenting tale delving into the ugly and untamed sides of love and humanity, Beauty meets the Beast, forever changing the course of their lives. Part of the “Fairy Tales From the Underworld” series, this first installment serves as a lyrical introspection on the cycle of abuse and how monsters are created through the lens of dark erotica, prompting readers to confront their own darkness.

A Bedtime Story by L.C. Moon was SO GOOD and a very dark Beauty and the Beast Retelling. My first erotica novel but most most certainly not my last. It was dark and twisted and a deep look into the dark side of humanity, love, and lust.

There was a ton of tension between the 2 MC’s and it just kept building and building and building and honestly it was so good I enjoyed it almost more than the rest of the story.

Laura was extremely timid and I wasn’t sure I liked her at first, but the more we learned about her the more I liked her and understood why she was the way she was. I am a sucker for characters with trauma and mental health struggles, it is just so relatable and really draws you into the story.

Kayne was sexy and devilish and twisted and scary but also man was he a great Dom and MC. He had just the right mix of serious scary Dom and caring guy-who-is-falling-for-her. He did not want to be caring and sensitive, but Laura’s innocent nature unwittingly drew it out of him.

My favorite part of A Bedtime Story is... *spoiler*
My favorite part of A Bedtime Story is that it has an unhappy ending. It was so refreshing to read a dark and twisted story, and then for there to be a dark and twisted ending. I love that Laura turned malicious, and this sounds horrible but I liked that Kayne died. I liked Kayne as a character, but I liked that his and Laura’s relationship did not end happily. It was really good and fit the novel compared to a random happy ending twist.

Overall I really liked A Bedtime Story by L.C. Moon! It is not for everyone, and also not for the fainthearted. It is for those who like a darker side to humanity, who enjoy erotic scenes, and who love sexual tension build up. I am not everyone nor am I fainthearted and I LOVED it.

Worthy of a re-read.

**This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review**

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