Crowned a Traitor

Crowned a Traitor by Kate Callaghan
3 Stars ARC read-worthy

Crowned a Traitor

Heir to Hell and the Dark Forest of Malum, Klara has been called upon to take her place as High Queen of Malum. Though Klara has no intention of ruling, her guardians want her head on a spike. Klara’s only option – escape to Kalos, Fae ruled lands free from Dark Magic. To survive the perilous journey, she needs help…

A Leprechaun with a talent for smuggling. A mischievous Demon with swaying loyalties. The soul of a greying Warlock. Lycaon siblings with a talent for deception. Destiny has an awful habit of catching up with those who run…

Crowned a Traitor has a lot of potential. There were a lot of plot points I was really hoping would be expanded on. It was a good read but it felt like the book was double the length it actually was.

It seemed to drag on and was quite slow for the first half or so, but the last 20% was much better.

I liked Klara as a character, she was feisty and unhappy and willing to do something about it so she could be happy and enjoy life. She was tough, cared about her people, and wanted things to be better. She was relatable in her less than desirable relationship with her parents; tough love, not giving you the time of day, etc.

The romance in Crowned a Traitor was lacking but that was okay. It didn’t need to be there, her character development was a good enough plot point for me. I could see what the author was trying to do with Frendell, but it just didn’t do it for me.

The angle of the 3 queens was really interesting, I enjoyed that.

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The twist of Klara having white angel wings and ending up being part fae, part angel, part demon was really interesting! I am glad she was able to own it proudly in the end, and not have to hide it for fear of her father’s disappointment.

I was disappointed that some of my favorite characters died for no reason, that was a bummer.


Overall, I thought Crowned a Traitor by Kate Callaghan was a nice quick read, just that the author tried to shove too many things into the story all at once. There were several different angles she could have gone, all very interesting. Not to say it was bad because it wasn’t! I liked it and once it finally picked up, it was interesting.

**This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review**

Not worthy of a re-read.

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