A Cursed Son

A Cursed Son Day Leitao
4 Stars ARC read-worthy

A Cursed Son


Romantic & sexy dreams link a false princess to a dangerous, disgraced fae prince in this fun, steamy enemies-to-lovers romantasy.

In her dreams, he envelops her in love. In real life, he imprisons her in ice. Assassin, liar, impersonator—dreamer.

As a royal decoy, trained to replace the Krastel princess even in a political marriage, Astra’s life is not her own. With a duty like that, how can she dream about love? And yet she knows he has a kindred soul. She can feel his presence every night, holding her in his arms, surrounding her with his warmth.

But ice-cold reality crashes in when Astra’s carriage is attacked by the Crystal Court’s disgraced prince. Banished for heinous crimes and armed with powerful relics, he’s a wielder of mighty magic and can even penetrate minds. It turns out that he is the man in her dreams. And this is about to get very, very awkward.

My Thoughts:

Overall I enjoyed the book, I loved the FMC Astra, she was great! Trained to be a royal guard and to pretend to be the princess, she is so cool! I enjoyed how Marklak was written, it was perfect for a boy who grew up mostly alone and on the run while also having to operate as a pseudo king.

I enjoyed this book and the plot, but struggled a bit with the miscommunication trope. if you are into miscommunication trope, then you will LOVE THIS. If you also like enemies to friends to lovers, forced proximity, and fae magic, then you will love it even more. I really enjoyed all these aspects as we went though the book, and enjoyed seeing our main characters interact and progress their relationship too.

I think this book sets us up extremely well for book 2, and there is so much potential! I can’t wait for it to come out and see what happens. It was a little slow at points, and there was a little too much miscommunication for me, but honestly it was still enjoyable!

Overall, A Cursed Son by Day Leitao was an enjoyable read, and I would definitely give book 2 a read when it comes out.

Read worthy.

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