Moonlit Thorns

moonlit thorns
5 Stars ARC read-worthy

Moonlit Thorns


No one knows what happens up at Midnight Manor.

The home of the Voss brothers sits like a sentinel looking down on our small town, remaining a mystery. The four brooding billionaires rarely leave the confines of the iron gates, fueling rumors that have existed for decades. When my father dies, all the security I’ve known is ripped away, forcing me to come face to face with the eldest brother, Asher Voss. His outward beauty is just as I’d heard—it belies a predatory nature, irresistibly drawing me in.

A bargain is made, and I have no choice but to live in the shadowy confines of his gothic manor to save my family. As time passes, it becomes harder and harder to deny our attraction. Asher Voss might be too old for me, and he’s definitely cursed by his own demons, but an inferno of passion between us threatens to either consume or destroy us both.

MOONLIT THORNS is a dark contemporary romance Beauty and the Beast retelling.

My Thoughts:

Okay, this was excellent. It is a quick read, I think I clocked about 4 hours to read it.

As a beauty and the beast retelling, I really liked the nods to the original story. I won’t list them out so you can experience them for yourself, but I really did like them. They blended into the story so well, P. Rayne did an excellent job slipping them in there.

The spice? yes puh-lease! So so so good, I loved their dynamic and the progression of the spice through the books.

The general dynamic of Asher and Annabelle was perfection. Lots of “young innocent confused-but-attracted-to-the-grumpy-man vibes” from Annabelle, which worked perfectly for her character. Asher had a lot of “she is too young for me but I can’t resist so I must be cold to her” vibes, and it worked so well for his character.

Throw in 4 brothers who are billionaires, who get everything they desire, who do some shady things, and also mix in a sex club? Literally there is no way this story could be bad.

Quick note: I did wish there was some more plot, and there were several things I felt were a bit abrupt, BUT this is a shorter novel so it is exactly what you expect. It did not take away, I just wished for more!

Overall I loved Moonlit Thorns by P. Rayne. It was a great blend of the beauty and the beast story retold with modern times and a lot of spicy spice. Definitely would recommend for a quick and dirty enjoyable read! Can’t wait for book 2!

Read worthy.

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**This book was an ARC read and gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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