Blood on the Tide

blood on the tide
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Blood on the Tide


As a bloodline vampire, Lizzie has never had a problem taking what she wants, and right now what she wants are the family heirlooms that were stolen from her and a portal home. Too bad even that short list is impossible to accomplish on her own—and her allies have bigger things to worry about.

When they rescue a selkie from captivity, it’s the perfect solution to her problem. Lizzie needs a guide through Threshold and the selkie needs someone to help her get her skin back.  Maeve didn’t choose to give up her skin—it was stolen from her. Now she’s in an uneasy partnership with a dangerous woman who seems more apt to kill than to share a kind word. It’s terrifying…and a bit alluring. Even though she knows it will end in heartbreak, Maeve can’t help being drawn to Lizzie and her all-too-pleasurable vampire bite. 

Unfortunately, the danger to Maeve’s heart is the least of her worries. The ship Lizzie’s chasing belongs to the Cŵn Annwn, and they don’t take kindly to people who steal from them. Not even Lizzie’s viciousness or Maeve’s selkie strength will be enough to save them if the Cŵn Annwn seek retribution…

My Thoughts:

Blood on the Tide is a great sequel to Hunt on Dark Waters, and quite honestly, I liked it way more than the first one! Lizzie is cruel and wicked and ruthless, and she really needed to be toned down by someone soft but mentally sharp and able to stand up to her. And Maeve is perfect for that role.

I really enjoyed the relationship building for Lizzie and Maeve – we got to see them develop individually and also together. I love a good reluctant dark and broody character who is pulled out of her shell via a give and take question-for-a-question banter with the soft fmc.

A sapphic romance is always refreshing and this one did not disappoint! And adding in an orgasmic vampire bite, pirates, selkies, and other mystical creatures? Super interesting.

I enjoyed their relationship progression a lot more than the one in the first book, with Evelyn and Bowen… Something about it felt more genuine and natural – it seemed like it was the perfect match and the progression was done really nicely. I was totally invested in them, and melted every time Maeve stood up to Lizzie and made her take down her walls… so good!

There were high stakes, murder, lust, love, personal growth, and so much more. I am interested in seeing what happens next, and will definitely go back and read Katee Roberts other series about the bloodline vampires to get a deeper level of understanding in Lizzie’s background.

Overall, I enjoyed Blood on the Tide , book 2 of the Crimson Sails series by Katee Robert, and can’t wait to both read the next one and dive into the other connected series!


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