Hunt Me

Hunt Me by Heather Hildenbrand
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Hunt Me


I’m at a bar trying to poison a mark like the professional I am when I see him. Straight from Tartarus, they say the shadow dragon called Legion has slayed entire armies single-handedly, and the intense way he looks at me suggests every rumor I’ve heard about him is true.

I should be terrified. Instead, I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. The moment he touches me, everything changes. Suddenly, my skin is the poison. One touch is enough to kill a man, which is exactly what I do before I realize what Legion has done to me. I vow to make him pay.

The pull I feel toward him is a beacon—or a leash—but he’s not the easy mark I expected. To my utter horror, I go from hunter to captive. If I want to earn my freedom, I’ll have to give him the one thing he demands: me.

My Thoughts:

Hunt Me is an enjoyable installment in the Shadow Shifter Bonds series by Heather Hildenbrand.

It was a quick read for me, and I really enjoyed it! The main plot line of Tori’s story is her poisoned skin, and I found that to be super interesting! Not only is she having to navigate the sudden change in life, but she also has to make sure she doesn’t kill her sister, her mate (Legion), and anyone else just by her touch. Can you imagine?

I love the push and pull of Legion and Tori. They both simultaneously don’t want the mate bond and do at the same time. They each need to overcome and work through their blaring trust issues and trauma, but it is really enjoyable to watch them do so.

I also liked the Tartarus and ‘regular world’ with a portal world building. The estate and town Legion lives in was described so well! In addition, the general story line of the Crimson Roses adding on to this? Kept me engaged in the story.

This book does have a HEA, and there is romance, danger, death, tension, betrayal, action, and mystery all bundled up in this book.

Overall, I enjoyed Hunt Me, book 3 in the Shadow Shifter Bonds series by Heather Hildenbrand, and will be reading the rest of the series as well!


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