Of Blood and Aether

Of Blood and Aether
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Of Blood and Aether


A rare conduit of Light, drawn to the Shadows. A spymaster who can’t seem to stay away.

For as long as she can remember, Arken Asher has been searching for answers—driven by an insatiable hunger, a need to understand the meaning behind her dangerous arcane secrets. She’s finally taken that leap into the unknown, leaving her simple life behind to attend the Arcane Studium: a prestigious college of magickal arts & sciences nestled in the heart of Sophrosyne: the City of the Gods.

As the Scouting & Reconnaissance Captain of the Elder Guard, Kieran Vistarii deals in Shadows, blood and subterfuge. Scarred by his past but dedicated to safeguarding Sophrosyne’s future, Kieran’s self-imposed isolation is easily masked by charm and cocksure energy. Strange disappearances have kept his cadre busy as of late, and yet the captain finds himself sidetracked, distracted by the inexplicable allure of a certain golden-eyed Conduit and her curious mind.

They both know better than to get involved, but the Fates have other plans. The dark threads of prophecy were woven long ago, and the ties that bind just might be what it takes to mend these broken, star-crossed souls… or what forges a deadly bond that could damn them all.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book! The characters were interesting, the plot was intriguing, and the slow burn was slow but oh my gosh such perfection. OF BLOOD AND AETHER is a perfect example of how to do slow burn, how to do it well, and how to shred hearts along the way.

We follow 2 wonderful MC’s: Arken is our strong but quiet, introverted and secret keeping FMC, and Kieran is our perfection of a shadow daddy – playboy and grumpy on the surface, thoughtful and passionate and witty inside. The connection between the 2 of them throughout the story? Oh so good. Kieran is one of my favorite types of morally grey and shadow daddy MC’s. He plays tough and stoic, reserved and ruthless, but man does he have a soft spot. He pretends he is a lone wolf, but he has friends and a blooming ‘something’ with Arken. It reminds me of Nyktos in Blood and Ash – and that’s saying something, considering Nyktos is my ultimate favorite shadow daddy!

It is one heck of a slow burn, with angst and pining and trying-and-failing to be friends. I normally like to get down to it, but Of Blood and Aether did it so well I might be converted. And having them resist for a good reason? It made their agony even more delicious.

Not to mention, the fantasy elements of this story were magnificent. The plot was strong and I did not feel like the story was pushed to the side in favor of the romance – it was blended seamlessly.

I loved the city of Sophrosyne, Arken spreading her wings and living on her own, and truly enjoying life. It reminded me of how freeing it felt to go to college and be truly on my own as an adult. Even her befriending Laurel and balancing their differences in a unique friendship that would never have happened had they not both traveled to Sophrosyne. It was so wonderful to see a strong female friendship blossom and grow! They pushed each other in different ways, and comforted one another when needed. It was so special, and again reminded me of the friendships I gained when I went away to college.

What I didn’t experience during college was the magic. I LOVE how magic in this world is. Mastering the different elements; water, fire, air, earth, shadow and light? So wonderful. The history of the Gods, the Fae, the Aether, and the city overall? It really drew me in and kept me interested for the whole story. I loved how it all worked, where each student chose their own path for the future and classes as well.

Overall, I LOVED Of Blood and Aether, book 1 in the Harbringers series by Harper Hawthorne, and I cannot wait for book 2! I recommend this book to, well, everyone! Especially I recommend it to those who love a steamy romance coupled with a wonderful fantasy.

Worthy of a re-read.

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