Vengeful Gods

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Vengeful Gods


In this story, there are three beasts and I am their blood debt owed.

The Anguis, a secret society of power-hungry individuals, have long controlled Port Macabre from their seat at Noire House. A place where the wealthy rub shoulders and chase hedonistic pleasures. However, behind the mansion’s facade lies a poisonous, hidden underworld. With my father now gone, I am the sole heir to Noire House. They wanted his head, instead, these ruthless men settled for taking me.

I thought I had successfully escaped the curse of my bloodline, but I’ve been dragged back into the devious, twisted world of the Anguis. To protect the ones I love, I must allow these men to parade me around and claim me as theirs.

Locked away in their remote, forest-bound fortress, I am nothing more than a possession to control. To them, my life–and future–represents payment in kind and vengeance they’ve been denied. In the world of the Anguis, death is the only way out, and these men are handsome grim reapers dressed in fine suits.

But as their heated looks and rough, blood-stained hands become more alluring each day, giving in to their games becomes a temptation I can’t avoid. Lines are blurred and longing spills over as I quickly find myself craving their darkness.

I can’t succumb to three beautiful monsters… Can I?

NOTE: Vengeful Gods is a MMFM Why Choose/Reverse Harem Dark Revenge Romance (with MF, MM, and group scenes) 18+

**Expect a hot, gritty, bisexual, enemies to lovers romance, with ruthless, morally gray, poly love interests. This book contains themes and scenarios common in dark romance.

My Thoughts:

Oh god this is such a good book. SO FILTHY, so dark, so steamy, so good. Like, so so so so good.

I devoured Vengeful Gods like these men devoured Fox. It was the hottest book I think I have ever read in my entire life. I love a good kidnapping, hostage, and then wearing 3 hot ominous men down until they can’t resist you anymore.

Fox is a fantastic FMC – strong and fierce but also submissive and scared. She knows what she wants and when she finds her voice to tell them what she wants? OH MY. Also I love that she had purple hair, ran a tattoo shop, and was overall a super cool woman.

Then we have our MMC’s Ky, Ven, and Throne, who are the perfect captures/enemies turned lovers. Tall, dark, handsome, and violent, these 3 men swooped into Fox’s life with the intention to use her for her gain, and it was the BEST thing ever.

Not only was this story deliciously filthy and detailed, but the plot was also very well done. The secret society of Anguis was a really great setup for our story, it was rich and cruel and full of people even worse than the society its self. The details were well thought out, the story line was firm and really good, and I was hooked on the story just as much as I was hooked on the spice. There were many parts where I was shocked by the twist in the story, and did not know what would happen at the end.

Overall, Vengeful Gods by Elliott Rose is incredible and so good. I have an inkling about who the next book will be about, and I can’t wait for it! This book is at least 50% spice, if not more, and I loved it. If you like dark, filthy, MFMM romance, then this is for you!

Worthy of a re-read.

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