The Professor

The Professor
4 Stars ARC

The Professor


Money for textbooks? I’d get it from a single night with a handsome stranger. No one would ever have to know how much I loved what he did to me. Older. Alluring. Dominant. No last names or expectations. Just raw, carnal pleasure.

I never thought I would see him again.

Until the first day of class. He’s my new professor… and my ex-boyfriend’s father.

He has a world of secrets in his eyes and the weight of the world on his shoulders. I should stay away from him, but the more I try, the more consumed he gets.

His possessiveness is rivaled only by his secretive nature. He knows everything about me, but mystery surrounds him. Shadows threaten the entire university…and our forbidden love.

THE PROFESSOR is a forbidden romance with a secret society starting a brand new series written by New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren.

My Thoughts:

The Professor is exactly what you think it will be. Girl sleeps with man for money, has amazing experience. Girl goes to class at the start of the semester, what do you know, the man is her professor now.

Spice ensues, along with some weird back and forth about ratting one another out or not.

Let me tell you, the spice was really good. I love the taboo nature of professor student, and then the next layer on that? He is her ex-boyfriends not-in-the-picture father. More taboo ensues, still is hot and spicy.

I enjoyed the plot for The Professor, a secret society is always an interesting plot driver. I will say the author did a great job writing about Anne’s bad home life, because it both made me uncomfortable and triggered my past a little bit. This is not a bad thing, it means she did a great job writing it realistically.

Loved Anne’s friend/roommate Daisy. She is amazing and I hope is in the story in book 2 and beyond.

I think this was a good book, and set us up really well for book 2.

Overall, The Professor by Skye Warren was interesting, steamy, and a good book! I am interested to see what book 2 brings us!

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