Book of Azrael

Book of Azrael by Amber V. Nicole
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Book of Azrael

World Ender meets Ender of Worlds… For thousands of years after The Gods War, the Etherworld has known peace – but soon that too will change if the wrong people get their hands on the Book of Azrael – if it even exists.

An old enemy driven by revenge slowly builds an army behind the scenes.

Temples are ransacked in search of an item long lost and enemies since the dawn of time must put aside their differences if they have any hope for survival.

Slow to start but once it gets going, whew! The banter in this book is great between the 2 main characters, and I loved the angle of them dealing with trauma and family sacrifices in different ways.

Diana is a hell of a relatable FMC for those who are older siblings and have had to make tough choices and decisions to keep their younger siblings safe and happy. Liam is relatable to anyone who suffers with PTSD, anxiety, depression, guilt, and a tendency to push others away when hurting.

I cannot deal with the ending oh my god I do not accept it and will be starting the second one as soon as I finish this review. I give it 4/5 stars only because I was about 25% of the way through the book before it really drew me in… it was too slow of a beginning burn for me. Once it picked up though, 5 stars!

Book of Azrael by Amber V Nicole was slow to start but really draws you in once it finally gets going. I really liked the world and the characters, and can’t wait for more! I definitely recommend.

Worthy of a re-read.

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