Cardinal Sins

cardinal sins
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Cardinal Sins


A self-destructive heiress. An unbreakable brotherhood. A secret. A legacy. A brutal, inescapable seduction.

There are things Zara Faire wishes she never knew about her father. After returning to New Rome in the wake of her mother’s funeral, an invitation to an elusive club introduces her to a sinister world of organized crime that she learns she belongs to by birthright.

There, she witnesses an execution at the hands of the Cardinals and becomes the perfect pawn in a vicious, deadly game.

The most feared men in the city, Pope, Wraith, Reaper, and Eros, have blood on their hands, and now that they have their poor little rich girl—they are never letting her go.

Some sins can’t be forgiven.

My Thoughts:

Cardinal Sins is a great high stakes enemies to lovers, why choose, dark mafia romance. We have warring mafia’s, an heiress for one group taken by another, self destructive behavior, and assassination attempts. Protective men, an unbreakable brotherhood, and almost a beauty and her beasts type of story, where she is trapped in the penthouse.

This was a good book, I enjoyed it! I feel like it was a plot introduction, story starter book, where we are now set up for the real story/bigger plot to begin, and I am really excited for that. The book ended on a cliffhanger and I am very excited to see what happens next!

I love the warring mafia group theme, especially when it is over this woman. I loved the self destructive behavior she reverted to, it was hard to see her do it to herself but totally understandable for the situation. It was very realistic, and I liked that. Who is going to just accept this life? Stuck in a penthouse, having nothing to do, sleeping with the men to bide her time, and then what? Cooking? That takes up so little time.

I really felt for Zara, and hope she has a chance to pick herself back up in book 2 and beyond and become something powerful.

Dom, the head of the other mafia faction, is kinda giving Rhysand in book 1 and 2 of ACOTAR vibes??? I wonder if that is just me, or if we will see his dark but good side in book 2? I am excited.

Overall, Cardinal Sins by Charlotte House was a really good book! I am excited to read more of this series, and will definitely be picking up book 2 when it comes out!


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