Worthy of Fate

worthy of fate
5 Stars ARC worthy of a re-read

Worthy of Fate


The Gem: Marked by the Gods, Kya is forced to partake in a Trial for a chance to be deemed Worthy. If she succeeds, she’ll be gifted great powers. If she fails, she could lose her life or worse. But that’s only the start of her worries. Now, the same plague that took her home is spreading and threatening the fate of the realm. Can Kya survive the Trial of the Gods and gain the needed power to rid the world of the growing threat before it’s too late? Or will she be drawn to what awaits her in the shadows?

The Shadow: Ryker has waited a long time for her—his mate. Now he’s found her. He plans to claim what is rightfully his, but dark forces threaten to destroy his Nation should he embrace the bond he so desperately desires. Unable to escape the drive to be near her, he waits for his precious gem, lingering in her shadow.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Worthy of Fate. The characters, the setting, the world building, the plot. It was all excellent and I am so happy I had a chance to read it!

I loved Kya as our FMC. She is a Roav, she is tough, and she is prepared to participate in the trial, even though it might mean she doesn’t return. She is a great fighter, and I loved her. After the trial, I loved her just as much, if not more!

Ryker is a great MMC. Another wonderful shadow daddy, lord of a land, and potential stalker? stalker turned lover?

One thing I appreciated was the romance/budding relationship of the story. It wasn’t an enemies to lovers, but maybe a stalker to lovers but also fated mates romance? Also, Kya didn’t push him away constantly, she accepted it and was into it too – which was a refreshing angle to the fated mates and enemies to lovers norm. It was so sweet at times, it was so spicy-tense at times, and quite enjoyable.

Worthy of Fate is a great book and I enjoyed the story! We spent the first half or less of the book with the trial, and then the second half with life that comes after. I feel like this book set us up perfectly for book 2 – there was a lot of world building, discovering more about the gods and the glaev, character development, and foreboding.

Overall, I really liked Worthy of Fate by A.N. Caudle and can’t wait for book 2! I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, fated mates, hunger games-esqe trials, and gods and prophesies.

Worthy of a re-read.

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