Awakening the Dark Throne

Awakening the Dark Throne
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Awakening the Dark Throne


In a world ruled by immortal elves, Genevieve Autumn, a forbidden half-breed of human and elf, hides among humans to escape persecution. When her sister is seized by the dark elven court, Genevieve offers herself to the light elves in exchange for her sister’s freedom. Little does she know, this decision thrusts her into a treacherous world of political intrigue and cruelty.

As Genevieve struggles to conceal her identity within the light court, she discovers a latent power: the ability to foresee the future. With war looming and dark forces gathering, she must confront her destiny and make a choice that will shape the fate of her world. Betrayal lurks around every corner, and enemies close in, forcing Genevieve to embrace her true heritage to reclaim her place as the heir to the dark throne.

In a breathtaking tale of magic and redemption, Genevieve Autumn embarks on a journey that will test her courage and challenge her beliefs. With her newfound abilities, she must navigate a dangerous landscape where survival depends on uncovering the truth of her lineage and embracing the power within her.

My Thoughts:

Awakening the Dark Throne is a wonderful book full of elves, light and dark magic, unknown powers, secrets, torture, and so much character development.

I loved our FMC Genevieve. She is half alfar (elf) half human, and should be dead. In her world, she is not allowed to exist, but has been hiding in the shadows to get by. We meet her right at the beginning and see how motherly, strong, caring, and selfless. Willing to do anything to protect those around her.

After giving herself to the light alfar as her only chance to save her sister Lily from the dark alfar, she encounters a very different life. Kings, castles, and being dubbed a mistress of the future king. Life is hard even though he is kind, although she makes a friend in Levos.

While she has to endure a lot of things at the castle, I really loved seeing all her character development and growth throughout the book. The things she has to go through in the book are heartbreaking at times, and while they are so extremely terrible, the description of the mental turmoil was so well done. The development of her powers is really interesting, and I can’t wait to see them further develop!

Her relationship with Gaelin is interesting, and I enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed watching her come to her own conclusions about it. Same with the Dark alfar and Lyklor. She is told they are the worst, but our wonderful FMC comes to her own conclusions.

The plot in Awakening the Dark Throne sucks you in and keeps you wondering how its going to pan out. This really set us up for book 2, and I think big things are to come!

Overall, Awakening the Dark Throne by Jessica Ann Disciacca is a riveting twist on fae and powers, with a great FMC, high stakes, and and interesting plot/ group of characters. I can’t wait for book 2!


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