Darkness Comes Again

Darkness comes again
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Darkness Comes Again


If the Abyss lives, Darkness has risen again.

Reva has lived her entire life in secret, hiding in plain sight from a world that would rather see her dead. She has learned how to control her powers enough to escape life unnoticed.

But everything changes when knights of a neighboring country arrive at her doorstep searching for her guardian to help care for the Royal Family’s youngest prince and his mysterious illness. She sends Reva in her place with an ominous message and her control is tested when she has to live and work under the rule of a kingdom that hasn’t employed her kind in hundreds of years.

While Reva tries to help the young prince battle this illness, she realizes she didn’t leave as much of her life behind as she thought. The Abyss forming in the mountains that separate her country from others has reached beyond her home. Something dark, old, and sinister is brewing, and it’s fallen to Reva and her new friends to figure out who and why.

Through an unanticipated friendship with a princess and knight of the kingdom she now serves, Reva struggles to find not only her place in this world but who she really is.

With Fate rearing its ugly eye around every corner, Reva learns she may play a bigger role than she could ever have imagined.

My Thoughts:

Darkness Comes Again by K.M. Davidson is a wonderful read. The characters are great, the plot is interesting, the stakes feel high, and the overall story was just so good! Normally I am all in on romantasy, or even romance first, but this fantasy with romance as the second plot? *chef’s kiss*

Reva makes a great FMC, with a knack for healing, and a huge secret to keep. She is brave, smart, caring, and determined to do what she needs to do to save Clint. Who, by the way, I love. He is one of my favorite characters, and I hope we see more of him in a different way in book 2! Reva is written so realistically – full of self doubt and anxiety like you and me. She doesn’t let it stop her though, and pushes through to do what she needs to.

I love all the side characters, from Flynn, Elly, even Pax is great at being the character he needs to. Like I said above, Clint is my favorite closely followed by Elly. The character we meet at the end of the book?? Definitely rooting for him in more ways than one…

The plot line with Clint is devastating but so good. Even better? The trio (Reva, Elly, Flynn) working together to figure out Reva’s powers and how they can be used. For such a big secret, it is heartwarming to see some semblance of found family Reva can rely on.

I wonder if / hope we see her original friends/family again, and I am super interested to see in what manner they come together. Also can’t wait to see how the Abyss/ Darkness plot line pans out and what happens! I think it is going to me much higher stakes in book 2 and I am here for it!

Overall, Darkness Comes Again By K.M. Davidson is a wonderful novel about a woman with a secret, and a desire to help. It is the first book in the Sirian’s series and I cannot wait for book 2!

Worthy of a re-read.

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