A Veiled Kingdom

The Veiled Kingom Holly Renee
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A Veiled Kingdom


Fleeing my father’s cruelty, the wicked king who robbed me of a future, I face death in the streets, caught between a rebellion and a tyrant’s reign.

Captured by those sworn to kill me, the rebels remain blind to my true identity—the missing daughter of the despised king. Faced with an impossible choice, I stand before them: join the rebels or face their blades. Yet, Dacre, the son of the ruthless rebellion commander, becomes torn between suspicion and a desire that mirrors my own. He allows no one to touch me, tries to protect me, yet threatens me at every turn.

As secrets are weaved beyond our hidden realm, a fierce battle unfolds within me. As I get closer to the rebels, and their cause, my loyalty to my kingdom clashes with my undeniable devotion to Dacre and the burning connection between us. In a world where love and hate are two edges of the same blade, I find myself caught in a delicate dance between forbidden desire and my looming destiny.

My Thoughts:

Run, don’t walk, to read this book. And then agonize over the wait for book 2 with me!

A Veiled Kingdom was a fantastic read. I read it in a single sitting on a sunday afternoon, completely enthralled by the story and extremely invested in finding out what happens next after each twist and turn. It was written so well, and I truly loved reading it.

Nyra is such a great FMC! She is strong and resilient without being a trained fighter – I would call her more of a scrappy and sly FMC. She has a huge secret to hide, and a huge shame weighing her down, but still she perseveres and survives. Her dual hatred and attraction to Dacre is melt-worthy!

Dacre is such a good MMC. He is handsome, cruel, sharp, rude, and as much as he doesn’t want to be, attracted to Nyra so much. He hates that he is, but once again, the dual hatred and attraction is melt-worthy.

I loved the interactions of these 2, it was so tense, electric, and left me pining for more each time they separated. I also enjoyed the side characters, and have an inkling about one of them – but will keep that to myself to not spoil anything!

The plot was great, I feel fully invested in learning what happens next. Nyra has been through so much, and she continues to stand back up and keep moving forward. The rebels are ready to fight and take the kingdom away from the cruel king, and they just need the final weapon: the lost princess.

I was so shook by the ending of The Veiled Kingdom, I could not believe that is how we end. What a cliffhanger!!! Still so good, so heartbreaking, so raw and real, and I am so excited for book 2.

Overall, The Veiled Kingdom by Holly Renee was truly a fantastic book. I loved it so much, and would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves romantasy, fae, rebellions, enemies to lovers, hidden power, secret identity, and more.

Worthy of a re-read.

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