Black Widow’s Bite

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Black Widow’s Bite


Addison has resigned herself to the fact that she’ll be alone forever, thanks to an unfortunate ‘gift’ that drives anyone who touches her to the brink of insanity. When a vicious attack sends her tumbling down a staircase, Addison stumbles upon four reclusive men who are just as troubled as she is. Wyatt, whose tortured soul screams for relief as he takes pain from everyone around him. Austin, whose affinity with snakes has left him stuck inside for fear of cruelty. Piper, whose ability to see the future comes at a terrible cost, leaving his mind fractured and his clarity waning with each passing day. Cain, the terrifying protector of this group of misfits, would gladly burn the world – Addison included – to keep them safe.

Addison’s world is turned upside down as fate keeps pushing her towards these four men, and she begins to wonder if maybe this den of monsters is exactly where she belongs. On the heels of her arrival, the group receives a terrifying warning, and Addison’s dreams begin to look more like dark omens as they prepare to fight an unknown threat.

What could be so evil that it would scare the monsters lurking in the dark?

My Thoughts:

Black Widow’s Bite by Bella Reves is so good. I trully enjoyed reading it, and loved all the quirky characters.

Addie is such a great FMC – she is strong but weak, fierce but scared, and resigned to a life alone in order to not watch everyone she touches die. Seeing her interact with the 4 guys is so good!

I think Austin was my favorite of the guys. His mannerisms, attraction to Addie, and the general oddness of him was so sexy, attractive, and also made you just love the guy.

Piper is the one you’d pick to get your freak on, and he has no qualms about being open with himself. Wyatt is our teddy bear, and Cain is our protector. All written so well, and all aligned perfectly with their unusual natures.

Black Widow’s bite is one of the sexiest books I’ve read recently. It didn’t have anymore spice than other dark romance erotica books, but there was just something so so so sexy and arousing about this book and the events that unfolded within it. Austin and Piper?? They will get your pulse thrumming. Of course Cain will too, but for me it was all Austin and Piper.

The way Addie goes about finding her place with these 4 misfit men is so good, I loved it. And the twist/ending? Wow – so dark, so depraved, so creepy, and so good.

Overall, Black Widow’s Bite by Bella Reves was an excellent read! I would recommend it to anyone who likes dark romance/erotica, dubious consent, why choose, torture, and more all wrapped up in a little black book.

Worthy of a re-read.

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