Zodiac Hybrids

Zodiac Hybrids
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Zodiac Hybrids


They told me Virgos and Capricorns were compatible, but they never mentioned what happens when these star signs belong to monsters.

All I wanted was to go to a good college and finally get my life started. Maybe meet someone, get my degree, do something I’m passionate about.

I just wish someone had told me that my Physics professor could feed on my emotions and desires, the guy who sits next to me in Astrology Club would be hiding his fangs, and my first friend would have a secret of his own. An incubus and a Vampire should have been manageable, up until their bloodlines were mixed with an unpredictable race of Zodiac Shifters.

But I’m human.
I’m not part of their cursed Astrology.
The stars do not rule my life.
I didn’t even know these things were real until last week.
But it’s hard to argue with reality when an encounter on the night of the full moon left me as not such a Virgo anymore.

I don’t know why Marcus, Adrian, and Ceto have all set their sights on me, but just because they’re vicious and powerful, doesn’t mean I’ll be letting them get their way.

Zodiac Hybrids (Monsters of Graves Academy book 1) is a Paranormal Dark Academia Romance set in a college where supernatural creatures hide in plain sight. You’ll love it if you enjoy mixing the principles of horoscopes and astrology in your romance, and you prefer your enemies to lovers, student/teacher, and monster romances with a mix of self-discovery and possessive, morally gray men who decided that no one else can have their very, very “good girl.”

My Thoughts:

Zodiac Hybrids is the epitome of paranormal dark academia romance.

Its a quick read, spicy, intriguing, entertaining, and overall great!

I enjoyed Lila our FMC a lot. She was confused at times, frustrated, self consious but also intelligent and willing to seek out information about the creatures and situations she is dealing with.

Love a good age gap, a monster romance, and multiple men! The college atmosphere is great because it generally is seen as a time of exploration and discovery, and what better way to do that than to get intimate with several different kinds of monsters and learn about how relevant astrology is to your life?

I started reading this late in the evening when I was headed to bed, and all of the sudden I was finishing the book at 2am. Oops! I tried to set it down 2 separate times, but I was just laying there thinking about Aidan and Marcus and what would happen next.

This is a great quick and spicy, paranormal dark academia romance read! I recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal romance!

Overall, Zodiac Hybrids by Leann Belle is a great spicy book. Leann continues to show up with some great spicy stories that also have an interesting plot.


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